8.44 Light Auburn Intense Copper - 60ml Tube Paint

  • 8.44 Light Auburn Intense Copper - 60ml Tube Paint
  • Product Code: HTEL3J1168
  • Barcode: 8682943401292
  • Brand: ASSE
  • Category: TUBE PAINTS
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ASSE 60 ml Tube Hair Dye: Professional Results and 68 Different Color Options

If you want to revitalize your hair and add color to your personal style, ASSE 60 ml Tube Hair Dye is exactly the product you are looking for! Designed with a formula that protects the beauty and health of your hair, this hair dye helps you achieve professional results in the comfort of your home.

Features and Benefits:

68 Different Color Options: ASSE Tube Hair Dye offers 68 different color options suitable for every style and skin color. You can give your hair a completely new look by choosing among natural tones, vibrant colors and special effects.
Professional Results: Getting professional hair salon results for your hair is now possible in the comfort of your home. Its formula provides vibrant, permanent colors while protecting the hair.
Easy Application: The cream consistency of the tube dye is easily applied to your hair. Color distribution is homogeneous and smooth.
Hair Care: ASSE Tube Hair Dye nourishes and protects the hair while dyeing it. Your hair will look brighter, healthier and more vibrant.
60ml Size: 60ml tube is suitable for both small hair touches and full hair coloring projects. You can use the amount of product that suits your needs.
Long-Lasting: The color of your paint is long-lasting, so there is no need to repaint frequently.
Give your hair the color you want and express your style with ASSE 60 ml Tube Hair Dye. Achieving professional results at home has never been easier. Order now and add new life to your hair!

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