Ostwint After Sun Tropical Lotion 200 ml

  • Ostwint After Sun Tropical Lotion 200 ml is the choice of professional hairdressers and cosmetic enthusiasts.
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A perfect option to pamper your skin after a pleasant day under the sun: OSTWINT Tropical After Sun Lotion. This unique lotion is specially designed to soothe, moisturize and revitalize your skin after sun exposure.

Why Should OSTWINT After Sun Tropical Lotion Be Preferred?
Intensive Moisturization: This lotion, which deeply moisturizes your skin, quickly eliminates skin dryness after sun exposure. It nourishes and renews your skin with the vitamin E it contains.
Antioxidant Effect: Vitamin E is rich in antioxidants and protects your skin from the harmful effects of free radicals. This helps your skin look healthier and younger.
Relieves Irritation and Redness: It relieves post-sun skin irritation and redness and soothes your skin.
Fast Absorbing Formula: Thanks to its specially developed fast-absorbing formula, the lotion quickly penetrates your skin and moisturizes it without leaving an oily feeling.
Long-Term Moisture: It keeps you moist all day long, so your skin gains freshness and vitality.

Easy to Use
Using OSTWINT Tropical After Sun Lotion is extremely simple. Hold the product at a distance of about 15 - 20 cm from your skin and squeeze as needed. Distribute the lotion evenly on the area you squeezed. You can repeat it as needed to feel moist and comfortable all day long.

Protect Your Natural Beauty
OSTWINT Tropical After Sun Lotion is the key to after sun skin care. Protect your skin and highlight your natural beauty while enjoying the sun.

To pamper your skin after the sun, try OSTWINT Tropical After Sun Lotion now. It offers you a perfect experience with its fine texture and refreshing scent.

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