Ostwint Black Shampoo 200 + 200 ml

  • Ostwint Black Shampoo 200 + 200 ml
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  • Brand: Ostwint
  • Category: MEN'S HAIR CARE
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OSTWINT Black Shampoo is specially designed to restore white hair to its former liveliness and youth without dyeing it.

The Light of Youth to Your Hair
It is now very easy to restore your white hair. OSTWINT Black Shampoo is the perfect solution to restore natural color and hide grays. It brings back the youthful light to your hair.
Easy Application
Pour the Aktivator and Colarant tubes into the mixing bowl inside the product, shake well and apply to your hair. Apply by massaging from hair roots to ends and wait for only 10 minutes. Then rinse with plenty of water.
Does not leave stains on the skin
The product does not leave any stains on the skin, making it extremely safe to use. Feel more energetic and vibrant with this shampoo that adds shine and youth to your hair.

Restore the vitality of white hair and capture the light of youth with OSTWINT Black Shampoo. Put an end to the hassle of hair dyeing and bring back your natural color. Order now and revitalize your hair!

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