Ostwint Cream Cologne No: 3 400 ml

  • Ostwint Cream Cologne No: 3 400 ml
  • Product Code: YG2Z8NZKQ7
  • Brand: Ostwint
  • Category: MEN'S SKIN CARE
  • Stock: 20+
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No:3 Woody Perfumed Aftershave cologne takes your aftershave experience to a whole new level with its unique woody perfume scent. It instantly moisturizes and refreshes your irritated skin after shaving. At the same time, it gives freshness to your skin and makes you feel wonderful all day long.
This special formula was designed with inspiration from the beauty of nature. Woody notes remind you of the beauty of nature and provide the care your skin needs. It relieves skin irritations that require attention after shaving and deeply moisturizes your skin.

A natural experience with its unique woody perfume scent.
It moisturizes and refreshes your skin after shaving.
Freshness and comfort that lasts all day long.
It repairs the skin and prevents it from drying out.
Reward yourself with the beauties of nature.

AFTER SHAVE SPRAY COLOGNE NO:3 Turn your aftershave experience into a natural pleasure with Woody Perfumed After Shave Cologne. Order now and experience the refreshing effect of its woody scent!

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