Ostwint Cream Cologne No: 4 400 ml

  • Ostwint Cream Cologne No: 4 400 ml
  • Product Code: P132QWE3SM
  • Barcode: 8682943406778
  • Brand: Ostwint
  • Category: MEN'S SKIN CARE
  • Stock: Out of stock
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No:4 Oriental Spice Scented Aftershave cologne turns your aftershave experience into a ceremony with its fascinating oriental spice scent. It instantly moisturizes and refreshes your irritated skin after shaving, and also adds vitality to your skin, so you will be in a positive mood all day long.
This special formula, with its oriental spice notes, protects your skin from post-shave irritation and creates a warm atmosphere. It repairs your skin, prevents it from drying out and allows you to relax with its fresh scent that surrounds you all day long.

A unique experience with an impressive oriental spice scent.
It moisturizes and refreshes the skin after shaving.
It revitalizes the skin and provides a positive mood.
Freshness and warmth that lasts all day long.
Experience this refreshing scent that surrounds you immediately.

AFTER SHAVE SPRAY COLOGNE NO:4 Let every after shave turn into a ceremony with Oriental Spice Scented After Shave Cologne. Order now and experience the warmth and freshness!

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