Ostwint Peel-Off Gold Mask 150 ml

  • Ostwint Peel-Off Gold Mask 150 ml
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  • Brand: Ostwint
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Ostwint Peel Off Black Mask
Ostwint Peel-Off Gold Mask is a skin care product specially formulated for sensitive skin. It aims to cleanse the skin, revitalize it and make it look brighter. The special ingredients contained in the gold mask gently exfoliate dead skin and blackheads while helping to renew the skin.

Dead Skin Cells Cleansing: The gold mask gently removes dead skin cells accumulated on the skin surface, thus making the skin look smoother and cleaner.

Skin Regeneration: The mask supports the renewal of skin cells and helps the skin look more vibrant.

Firming and Wrinkle Reduction: It can help tighten wrinkles and pores so that the skin can look younger and fresher.

Peelable Mask: After applying the mask, you can wait for it to dry and then peel it off easily.

Instructions for Use:
Apply some Ostwint Peel-Off Gold Mask to your skin in a thin layer using your fingertips or a suitable brush.
Let the mask dry on your skin for 15-20 minutes.
Once the mask is completely dry, it can be gently peeled off with the help of your fingers. Peel off the mask by pulling it downwards from the skin.

Then wash your skin with clean water to remove any residue.
Ostwint Peel-Off Gold Mask can be an important part of the skin care routine for sensitive skin. It cleans, renews your skin and helps it gain a brighter appearance.

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