Ostwint Scrub Strawberry 300 ml

  • Ostwint Scrub Strawberry 300 ml
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  • Brand: Ostwint
  • Category: WOMEN'S SKIN CARE
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Dry and flaky skin now has the perfect solution! OSTWINT Scrub Strawberry is specially designed to cleanse, moisturize and smooth your skin. It revitalizes and renews your skin thanks to natural strawberry granules.

Natural Cleansing and Moisturizing
This product deeply cleans and moisturizes your skin. The natural strawberry granules it contains cleanse dead cells, makeup residue and dirt accumulated on your skin. Your skin becomes smoother, livelier and moisturized. It also reduces the appearance of ingrown hairs and strawberries on the skin.

Suitable for Body and Face
This product is suitable for both body and face. You can use it safely on the body and face and revitalize both areas.

Easy to Use
It is extremely simple to use. Apply the product by massaging it to the area you want to apply and rinse with warm water.

Cleanse, moisturize and smooth your skin with OSTWINT Scrub Strawberry. Put an end to dry and flaky skin problems and make your skin vibrant and healthy. Order now and revitalize your skin!

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