Experience the Most Colorful Form of Being Noticed with ASSE

Date: 09.11.2023 16:53
Experience the Most Colorful Form of Being Noticed with ASSE
Enjoy intense colors with ASSE, which protects your hair and minimizes dye loss thanks to the vitamin and oil bases it contains!
The keratin it contains prevents damage and also helps repair damaged hair. Its content enriched with Vitamin E, argan and coconut oils adds shine, vitality and shine to your hair. Thanks to the special formula of Asse tube dye, it will allow you to show off more vibrant and shiny hair and always have beautiful hair!

Asse tube dye does not cause burning, itching or odor on the hair and skin, since the ammonia level it contains is kept at a minimum level, but only for red and copper. At the same time, it has been subjected to laboratory tests and it has been confirmed that it does not contain heavy metals in its formulation and has passed dermatological tests. Thanks to the vitamins and dense oil bases it contains, it cares for the hair and makes it shiny, soft and full. It provides 100% white coverage and permanence thanks to the micro and dense pigments it contains and quality raw materials. Unless there is a contrary condition, it can be used in pregnant people after the 4th or 5th month, provided that the doctor has permission. Green and blue pigments form the basis of the main tones, and the ash 1 series, blue ash 1.1 series, smoked browns, hot chocolate, caramels, cold brown coppers and reds appear permanent and bright thanks to their special formulation and intense pigments. The 00p series of main tones have 100% white covering feature. ASSE paint exceeds your expectations from a paint; It is offered to you, valued consumers, with its dazzling colors thanks to its permanence, brightness, softness, white covering and fullness.

It is completely domestically produced, all its mixtures and fillings are made in Turkey, and it continues to try to make the best of everything for all hairdressers and end consumers with its healthy, natural, bright, soft, permanent covering and full color range.